Welcome to the Fiddler Everywhere Forums

The goal of the Fiddler Everywhere forums is to provide all registered users a way to find answers to their questions, to provide feedback about the product and its features, and to help their fellow Fiddler Everywhere users. You can use the forums to:

  • ask general questions or report issues with the product
  • share your experience with Fiddler Everywhere
  • help other users by answering their questions
  • share ideas about new features that you'd like to see in Fiddler Everywhere

A post in the forums doesn't guarantee you a response from the Fiddler Everywhere support team although we are trying to answer all questions. Additionally, forum posts are not assigned a response time. In case you need your cases prioritized, please consider one of the Fiddler Everywhere paid subscriptions that comes with a lot of benefits, including private support via email.

Guidelines to using the forums

  1. You should have a valid Fiddler Everywhere account in order to post in the forums. You can create an account through the Fiddler Everywhere client. For more information, please refer to the Create an Account article in the documentation.
  2. Use the relevant forum section to post your questions and comments:
    • The General Discussion section is for product-related questions or feedback, and issues that do not appear to be platform-specific.
    • The different operating system sections (macOS, Windows, Linux) are for questions, issues or feedback about the platform-specific versions of the client.
    • The Feature Requests section is the place where you can request product enhancements and vote for ideas submitted by other users.
  3. When you submit a new forum post, make sure to describe your question or feature request in detail
  4. If you are reporting an issue:
    • Provide a step by step intruction on how to reproduce the reported behavior
    • Provide information about your development environment (Fiddler Everywhere version, operating system version)
    • If applicable, share any error messages that you are receiving
    • Share any files that would help the investigation. Please, make sure that you are not sharing files that contain sensitive information when posting them in the public forums.

The Fiddler Everywhere team reserves the right to:

  • Use, reproduce and share the material you post on the forums.
  • To not participate in all posts.
  • To remove any messages that do not comply with the terms described above.