Localhost monitoring from daemon


I have an outlook add-in and I am trying to monitor traffic from a local daemon ( So from my Outlook Add-in I am making a request to the local server running on my machine. Is there anyway to monitor this traffic?


Hello Tom,

I just replied to the support email that you submitted, but I want to share the information here as well, so anyone facing this issue can get an answer more quickly.

The functionality to capture requests to localhost is still being developed for the Fiddler Everywhere client. I cannot give you a precise time frame for when it will be available, but we hope to release it with version 1.1.0 of the client .

As a workaround, when you are making requests to the server, you can make them towards <machine name>:<some port> instead to localhost:<some port>. This way Fiddler Everywhere should be able to capture the traffic.


Garo Garabedian

Hi Tom,

Alternatively, you could also use the special alias set by Fiddler which is ipv4.fiddler or ipv6.fiddler (if using IPv6) instead of localhost. More details on why this alias is needed is posted  this article for the classic Fiddler (which uses the same technique).