Using Fiddler inside Windows Sandbox

 I'd like to test Fiddler out using the Windows Sandbox feature.  I have fiddler installed in the sandbox, but when I run explorer or edge in the sandbox, fiddler captures nothing.

I am able to use the get feature, for example for, successfully

Hello Ray,

The current implementation of Fiddler was not intended to work in a sandbox. Fiddler opens a port to listen for HTTP requests and changes the proxy settings of the operating system. You also need to install a certificate in order to capture HTTPS traffic. All those things might (and are most likely) be limited or restricted in sandbox. 


Garo Garabedian

The windows sandbox is just  a lightweight VM that persists no changes. 

I had no issues installing the certificate.

Can you suggest how I can verify that the proxy setting changes?

OK, it looks like the issue is that the sandbox won't allow the proxy to be set.  I tried manually setting it to but saving it didn't work.