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This Fiddler Everywhere is trying to be more like Postman and less like original Fiddler Windows.  It is also trying to turn Fiddler into a salable product with less functionality than the original Fiddler.  I have mixed thoughts about this.

The glaring problem I have with this new app is that it lacks a "dark mode."  I use the high-contrast color scheme on Windows forms as I do not want to exacerbate vision problems.  Classic Fiddler has no problem with this.  Fiddler Everywhere looks like a browser app which would need styling to make it high-contrast.  I'll stick with Classic Fiddler for now.

Hey Joseph,

Thanks for your feedback. We are actively working on making Fiddler Everywhere support all the debugging scenarios and we are working on bridging gap between "Fiddler Windows" and "Fiddler Everywhere". Can you please provide more context around what "Fiddler Windows" features would you like to see in "Fiddler Everywhere". 

"Fiddler Everywhere looks like a browser app which would need styling to make it high-contrast"

Thanks for suggesting the idea for "Dark mode". Can you also please provide a screenshot of how this looks on a high-contrast screen and what aspects of the app are not looking good on high contrast screen, this input will help us Fiddler Everywhere work better on high contrast screens.


Nischal Reddy

Product Manager, Fiddler

Dark mode will be welcome, independent from the operating system settings.

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I vote for a dark theme option.  I've given up hope this would ever come to Fiddler Classic, but maybe this will happen with Fiddler Everywhere.

Regarding bridging the gap between Classic and Everywhere, with Classic you could extend the inspectors by adding to the extensions folder in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Programs\Fiddler\Inspectors.  

Here is my everyday use case.   A Fiddler inspector mentioned in Vittorio Bertocci’s book “Modern Authentication with Azure Active Directory for Web Applications” is available on GitHub

As a DevOps Engineer, I routinely troubleshoot modern authentication issues with custom developed web apps by the inhouse developers.  As of right now, this functionality is missing in FE.

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Thanks for explaining in detail how you use Fiddler and the specific features that you are looking forward to see in Fiddler Everywhere.

Just for visibility and tracking purposes I have created a separate feature request for extensions, you can find it in the following link:

Please feel free to upvote the request or leave a comment.

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Please bring dark mode. I'd like to not be blinded by the full screen white flash when the app opens

Dark mode, please

It is simple : A dark mode like postman has. 

Every development tool I use has a dark mode except Fiddler Everywhere.  Would really be nice to have the ability to change the theme to dark.

Dark mode pretty please!!  I use it in every app I possibly can.  Being a developer this is a must for me!  Thanks!

Multiple UI themes including two dark variants are now implemented and accessbile through Settigns > Theme