Creating account not working - Network Error

We are attempting to use Fiddler to troubleshoot an internal website. I am running into an issue immediately after installation on several desktops when attempting to create an account for Fiddler Everywhere. Something is being blocked and I get a network error every time. If I try to use my personal Google account (not ideal) it logs me in, but the application does not work. I just get a screen that says “Oops, something didn’t work” with no other helpful details. Is there a way to bypass this step?

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Hello Salmon and Anne,

Based on the described issue, it seems that your network lacks direct internet access to some of the endpoints used by Fiddler Everywhere for creating and logging users. The Google authentication flow also depends on a redirect URL (just as the FE accounts), which explains why you can use Google authentication, but then immediately, you are hitting the issue with the error screen ("Oops, something went wrong"). Make sure that your network has direct access to the following URLs:

Access to the above URLs are part of the requirements for using Fiddler Everywhere client.