Raw 'inspector' not showing all content.

I have a multipart/form-data content in a request, and it is clearly not being entirely shown in the 'raw' view (or any other). Its last part is missing entirely, that part is binary data and i'd really like to know what those bytes are...pretend its ascii for all i care. Options?

Hey James,

Would it be possible to post a sample request which can reproduce and demonstrate the issue? Currently there is no upload a file functionality so perhaps you could try to take care of the body as shown for the classic Fiddler (see this thread https://stackoverflow.com/a/34116390/4936697)

I too encountered this when request has long line and I copy/view it from RAW it is cut from the middle for some reason.

Hey everyone,

We are working on a significant improvement related to how the information is displayed in all Inspectors types. The change will be available soon with the new upcoming release (expected within days). This will also change how the RAW inspector is displaying a large chunk of data, so stay tuned.

Hey everyonr,

The newest version of Fiddler Everywhere (3.0.1) now comes with many UI improvements and new features. The RAW inspectors were reworked back in version 2.x.x, but now even more great features are available (WebSockets, HTTP/2, SOAP rendering, better UI, etc.)