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Search by session

 Hello. Very much missing search by the session, which was called in the old version by keys CTRL+F. In one of the videos on your channel, I noticed that this feature was present in Fiddler Everywhere on Mac OS.

(315 KB)

Thank you for using Fiddler Everywhere and for your feedback!

The team removed the search functionality and focused on the filter capabilities, which are pretty much a way to find a specific session or set of sessions based on a filter rule. So that said, at this very moment, we are not planning on returning the search functionality. Still, I will mark this one as a feature request and move it to the FR section.

I need to search for a value across all sessions. How do I do that using filter? 

I also need to search a value across all sessions. How you do that with using filter rule or something else ?

Hey everyone,

The team is researching the options to provide more complex search capabilities. I will update this thread as soon as we have more insights.

As a side note, I wanted to let you know that you could also use the filters in the Live Traffic to further structure the information from the captured traffic. Learn more about filtering the data from this documentation section.  

Alternatively, you could also use the search functionality available in each inspector (request and response inspectors).

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