Beautify the font in Inspectors.

The font in the Inspectors is not easy to read. Maybe you can change it to Consolas.


Thank you for your valued feedback! 

The team is currently working on enabling a Monaco editor which will come with much better font. This change will probably be published in one of the upcoming versions (I will post here once it is live)

any idea on when this will happen.  I am not switching from Classic until this happens because of sheer volume on the screen.

Hey, @Tbstauffer, the team just released version 1.2.0, including UI improvements for the Inspectors. Please let us know how you feel about the UX with the new version.

I thought you were going to allow us to customize it.

If you compare classic to FE, notice just how much more data i get on the screen with classic.  I have made them the same size with the panes the same size and there is just no comparison of what is viewable.

I really do not like the json viewer either.  So much wasted space


Thank you for your feedback! 

Indeed it is a functionality that can be implemented in the Fiddler Everywhere client (the Inspectors are using a Monaco editor), so I will move this thread to the Feature Requests section of the forums (so that other can track and upvote this feature as well). Once again, thank you for your valued opinion - the team will discuss the feature, and we will post here once we have more insights. 

that's interesting :).  This was my original ask so I thought when i saw that the font was being changed that the size was also either fixed or at least made smaller.  I hope this can be a priority as I cannot use FE until this change happens.  I use Classic all day long and without lots of data on the screen, i am so much less productive