JSON decoder not showing all property names.

I have an API that returns a set of JSON objects.

In these objects, some properties return an empty array.

The JSON decoder ends up showing the empty array but does not show the property name.

For example, if the returned body contains this:



    "id": "97a9c25d-9814-42cf-9275-d5322f7e9819",

    "name": "B2",

    "description": "",

    "categories": [],

    "keywords": [],

    "people": []



Then I get this on the JSON decoder:


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Hello  Fabiopintos2,

Thank you for using Fiddler Everywhere and for the valued feedback!

If you are using a public API endpoint could you please share it with us so we could investigate the case. Anyway, we are going to test the described case and post back our observations here.