Breakpoints in fiddler Anywhere

Hi all,

I noticed that on the Fiddler Anywhere package v1.0.1 it is still NOT possible to set breakpoints on the request/response. Is that correct ?

If yes, when this feature will be available ?

Hi Minopica,


Breakpoints are currently not supported in Fiddler Everywhere, we are currently in the planning phases for the upcoming releases and this is one of the features that we are evaluating, I will get back on the timeline once we plan this.


But it would be great if you can give us some context around how you plan to use this feature, is it for debugging any issues on your websites/mobile apps or for security testing etc. This would help us better optimize the feature for the usecase.



I will use This feature for debugging mobile apps. Sometimes the response injected with the autoresponder is not parsed correctly by the app, instead with breakpoint it works.

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Appreciate your feedback.

I use this feature in Fiddler Classic to 'trap' requests from the browser (and delay a response from the server) to allow testing of browser/client side handling of slow responses.

not user friendly ,I am not a computer scientest