cursoring in live traffic panel

when cursoring in the live traffic panel, when i switch rows, i would expect the right panes to update similar to Fiddler Classic

also, the JSON display takes up a lot more room than the older tree view.  can we change the font to a smaller font?


Appreciate your feedback.

I can confirm that switching rows is currently not changing the inspectors, We will add a task to support this in upcoming releases.

For the JSON display we are currently working on integrating Monaco editor, which should both improve the readability and user experience, this improvement will be available soon I will leave a comment here when it is available.

Update: The new Fiddler Everywhere UI (version 1.5.1 and above) allows you to use the keyboard arrows to switch between sessions and then use Enter key (or Return on macOS) to load the newly selected sessions. This UX was chosen to improve the performance (not having to load each session switched by an arrow key).