Export root certificate to Desktop is not working


I am trying to enable capturing of HTTPS traffic. I tried to click on the "Export root certificate to Desktop" button and I get a red message that says "Read-only file system".

I am running on Ubuntu 18.04.

I googled it of course buy couldn't find anything helpful.


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Hello Udi,

Thank you for your interest in Fiddler Everywhere!

Regarding the issue you are facing - the popup error indicates that for some reason you don't have rights to write to your Desktop directory. That is a bit unusual and you could try to provide read/write rights for that directory. You could check the current rights with the following command:

ls -la ~/ | grep Desktop 

It will return something like

drwxr-xr-x  2 currentuserr currentuserr 4096 мар 10 19:56 Desktop

The above means that the owner has rwx (read-write-execute) right for that directory.

In case, you are loading the Ubuntu from a DVD or SD card, or a virtual machine, you might lack this opportunity (to change the read/write rights of Desktop dir) so in that ca you could manually grab the certificate file from the following directory: