Multiple Request Headers

in the old version I cold have multiple HOSTs that I was filtering for. This allows me to debug parts of different websites communication parts

When I try to add more than one HOST request headers for instance, it processes them additively so nothing comes through. Will this be changed? Else this just will not work for any real debugging... or not easily... 

better yet... did I miss something? is there a way to do this?

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Can you please provide more context on whether you are trying to filter multiple hosts or add filters on request/response headers.

If you are trying to add filters on multiple hosts, for example if I want on only see traffic from "" and "". I can add a column level filters on "Host column" and add both the host names with an OR condition, please do not that the default is AND condition and you have to explicitly change it to OR.

This will show you traffic only from the hosts that you mentioned in the filters, We are working on improving the column level filters but for now we have limitation to enter only upto two hosts.


Please let me know if this is the option you were looking for and appreciate your feedback