Decrypt HTTPS Traffic

I'm not able to view web pages even though I'm capturing HTTPS traffic.  It's showing me clearly encrypted data in the Web tab like this.


I looked at this doc but it seems to be for a previous version of the product and I looked at this page which at least seems to be the same UI style as the product I downloaded, but I don't see this


I see this instead


What am I doing wrong?

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Hey Mhadavi,

Try using the Raw inspector to see the decoded content (instead of the Preview inspector used in the screenshot). The Preview inspector should show some known image formats and HTML pages. I suspect that in your case, the content is now some known format. If possible, please let us know what the decoded content should represent.

Thank you again, Nick.  I believe I'm using the Raw inspector in the Request.  I see the Preview option only in the Response.

Here is another set of screen shots (attached).  I copy paste the compressed content into another tool to decompress it.  My hope was Fiddler could do that for me since we are using a supported Content-Encoding.

Please feel free to point out something that I might be missing.


Try toggling the Decode button in the Raw inspector.

Nick, what is interesting is that in my case the tool tip for the same symbol says "Click to show original body"; whereas, in your case it says "Click to show decoded ...".     

And, the behavior is consistent in that when I press the button I see the encoded body.  When I unpress the button, the encoded body disappears (please see the attached screenshot).

Now, I wonder how come?    Do I have a configuration issue/step that I need to take care of?



Hey Mhadavi,

There is a bug that might change the switch's ON/OFF state. The team already acknowledged the issue, and we will introduce a fix in one of the upcoming releases.

As for the disappearing content (when the content is encoded), the original behavior idea was to hide the encoded content and show it only when the Decode button is used - this is why you see the content only when it is decoded. However, we are currently researching other UX approaches like showing the encoded content or a sample string that informs the users that there is encoded content in the body. I will post here as soon as I know more about the final implementation we will publish.

OK, Nick.  Your work is much appreciated.