ROOT Certificate is self-signed

Hi Team, 

I am trying to capture the traffic from one of my applications which is having problems with some HTTPS services, but my application does not trust self-signed certificates is there a Fiddler Root Certificate that has been signed by a trusted CA?

Is there a way to exchange the root certificate for another one?

Is there a way to import a CA-signed root certificate?

Please Advise

Thank you for your help and time.

Best regards,


Hi Rick,

Can you please confirm if you have reviewed this link in our docs? Please let me know if this link doesn't help or you face any issues while implementing it.



Hello Rick,

Indeed at this very moment, Fiddler Everywhere client uses a self-signed certificate. We are currently not supporting an official way to provide certificate trusted by CA, but you could try to achieve that by replacing the certificate in 

~/.fiddler/Certificates with your own CA one (use the same name for the certificate). The solution is not tested on my side, so I can't guarantee that this would work. Meanwhile, the team will research if there are requirements to change any additional FE settings and if there is an option to provide this as a built-in feature.

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