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App hangs once user tries to view the response in the full screen mode

Hi, noticed an issue when app becomes unusable, only a way to quit & start it again once user tries to view full response in the "Full Screen" mode: see the gif attached.

(6.86 MB)

Hey Vardan,

Thank you for logging this issue. I am currently trying to reproduce the problem but to no avail - tried with different lengthy responses opened in the Raw inspector in full screen, but so far, everything works as expected. Could you provide some additional information so we could investigate further:

1. Is the issue happening with a specific response? Or is it happening with all responses that are wrapped? If the case is reproducible with a specific endpoint, then please, if possible, provide this endpoint so we could test it on our side.

2. What is your version of MacOS and Fiddler Everywhere (latest official is 1.0.2)?

Hey Nick & thanks for your response.

1. No this issue is reproducible on every response

2. I'm using macOS Catalina 10.15.6(latest at this moment) also Fiddler Everywhere 1.0.2(again the latest)

I was able to reproduce the issue when the "Full Screen" mode is turned on for the Fiddler Client (initially, I was enabling/disabling the "Full Screen" mode for the "View Full Response" screen only). Marking the issue as a legit bug - the team will discuss it at the next planning meeting.

Steps to reproduce the bug:

- Start FE client

- Enable "Full Screen" mode from the UI toolbar

- Make a request, receive a response, and go to the Raw inspector

- Click on "View full response."

Result: FE becomes unusable at that point and can only be restarted.

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