Search Functions

I want to search a keyword in all the payload I have. Example some of my payload has a json key value of X and I need to search for all occurrence of X. Currently, I have to click on each HTTP request and search on the inspector ONE by ONE. 

Thanks for the cool app, but search is really helpful. and my money is ready to purchase it when it has search.


Appreciate your feedback.

Can you please provide little bit context around how you would like this feature to work.

  • Do you want a search function that searches the whole request and response payloads and only list all sessions that match provided keyword?
  • Or would you like to have the control to search only in "request/response body"  or "request/response headers" etc?
  • Will plain text search be sufficient or will regex search be useful?
Any context around this would be helpful.


Or would you like to have the control to search only in "request/response body"  or "request/response headers" etc.?

YES, it would definitely be nice to have this feature and what's surprising is you people even asking this. FIDDLER always had this capability till it got acquired. 

I as a performance engineer when inspecting the request/response often have this requirement when I need to know when a certain came in and with which response. Did that come in the body or the header.. Wonder why you guys would take the capability out and then ask in the forum how to get that back in? 

The upcoming version 1.6.0 is providing an extended Search function that would act as a filter for the Live Traffic list (will filter sessions based on the search term).