Wildcards in Advanced Filters?

Does anyone know if it's possible to use wildcards when filtering request or response values?

In 'classic' Fiddler it's possible, using *.

For my scenario, I only want to see traffic from certain hosts, but those hosts are different development environments which all begin dev01, dev02 etc.

In classic Fiddler I can use * , so 




...can all be represented by *-blahblah.com.

This doesn't seem to work in Fiddler Everywhere, meaning I'd have to set separate filters for every dev environment.  Does anyone know how to get round this?

In fact I see that I was adding the filter in the wrong place - it was filters in the column heading that I needed, not Advanced Filters.  Here I can use 'contains'.  I would like to be able to have more than 2 filters but I see from a different thread that's a feature that's not present yet.

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Modulrsage002, you are right - the column filters allow you to use up to two filters maximum at this very moment. The team is planning on expanding the advanced filters feature - I will post in the related feature request thread as soon there is progress. 

Update: The latest version of Fiddler Everywhere (3.0.1) now greatly extends the Advanced Filters capabilities.

Update: The upcoming version 4.0.0 further upgrades and improves the filter options in Fiddler Everywhere.