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Fiddler Everywhere 1.1.0 not capturing traffic when connected to VPN


I have a problem and hope you will help me,

If I am connected to corporate VPN via GlobalProtect (probably this problem is not only for GlobalProtect and CISCO) Fiddler stops capturing the traffic. When I disconnect from VPN Fiddler starts capturing.

And the second option,

If I am not connected to the VPN and run Fiddler and start capturing the traffic, it works. But if I'm trying to connect to the VPN while Fiddler is capturing the traffic I get an error (Connection failed: Failed to send message to remote host).

macOS Catalina 10.15.6

Fiddler Everywhere 1.1.0

I would be grateful if you can tell me how to fix this problem and whether it is possible to fix it at all in this version.

Hello Sergey,

With version 1.1.0 the Fiddler Everywhere client is not able to work alongside tool like CiscoVPN. however, there are some specific steps (and execution order) that needs to be followed.

Please refer to this documentation KB article for detailed instructions on how to use Fiddler Everywhere with VPN tool (CiscoVPN)


This workaround also doesn't work for me.

1. Start Fiddler Everywhere and enable Capturing mode.
2. Connect the Cisco VPN client.
3. Capture traffic.
4. Disconnect the Cisco VPN client.
5. Stop Fiddler Everywhere with disabled Capturing mode.

As soon as I go to step 2 and connect to VPN, Fiddler immediately stops capturing

Hey Sergey,

I've recently updated the configuration steps in this KB article - note the 4th step to add your VPN address in the bypass list. 

If the issue persist, you could post the proxy settings on your OS before and after Cisco VPN is started (while FE is working with enabled capturing).

Hey Nick,

Thanks for help, it works!

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