Need help to tie Nox with Fiddler

Hello everyone

Can't catch traffic from android emulator to fiddler. I inserted the required ip address and port. But after that the browser throws the error error_connection_timed_out. At the same time, downloads in google play and browser tips continue to work.


I tried to install the certificate on the emulator by importing it from a personal computer, but it also failed. What could be the problem? thanks

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Hello Superbacya82,

This forum is for issues related to the new Fiddler Everywhere, now available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. With the new Fiddler Everywhere, you can set up your Android device/emulator as described in this KB article:

On the other hand, you could refer to this Fiddler article on how to install the certificate on your Android device/emulator and correctly set up the whole environment to work with Fiddler 5.