Need a "find sessions" capability in Fiddler Everywhere

I am currently using this version of Fiddler:

v5.0.20202.18177 for .NET 4.6.1

Built: Tuesday, April 14, 2020

In that version, there is a "Find Sessions" capability that I could access by clicking CTRL-F or Edit>Find Sessions.

That would bring up a box like this:


This allows me to search for a string across all sessions and look through both the response headers AND response bodies.

I noticed that this capability is strangely absent in Fiddler Everywhere.

Is there any plans on implementing something like this in Fiddler Everywhere?

This is an immensely useful capability and, quite frankly, I am lost without it in the job  that I do and I NEED to search for a string in the response bodies of ALL sessions.

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Update: The upcoming version 1.6.0 will provide an extended Search function that would act as a filter for the Live Traffic list (will filter sessions based on the search term).