Reset my computer as it was before fiddler


I have a problem on Mac. Normally when I open or close Fiddler it asks for my computer password. One time I didn't type in my password and I just closed Fiddler. And I've been seeing some problems after that. Firefox didn't work, I fixed that by using "No Proxies" in the settings. But I am still having problems with Mail and Fiddler itself.

1. In Mail I can not take my gmail accounts online, but Hotmail accounts work.

2. I can not log in to Fiddler any more. After the login page it takes me to my browser, I log in with Google account, and when it returns to Fiddler a message comes, something went wrong.

I want to stop using using Fiddler (I just wanted to see what it was, I am not using it for any purpose). So I want to uninstall Fiddler and RESET MY COMPUTER AS IT WAS BEFORE. What settings do I need to reset. Please help.

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With Fiddler turned on, you should be able to stop the capturing and then close Fiddler Everywhere. Stopping the capturing should reset your settings automatically. If that doesn't work, you need to manually reset your OS proxy settings to your OS's default one.