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Just installed Fiddler Everywhere 1.2.0. Install went successful. I started using Fiddler to watch traffic from Chrome, IE 8, etc.

Then for some reasons Fiddler wasn't picking up traffic from IE8.

I tried to diagnose and fix that problem.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Fiddler (from the same install kit).

Rebooted my computer several times.

I even did End Process from Task Manager to kill off Fiddler.

Now when I try to login Fiddler displays the green paper airplane icon and the "Please wait".

My stopwatch shows Fiddler has been trying to login for over 20 minutes.

I uninstalled and rebooted again.

Login still hangs.

Thanks, Ed

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OK I discovered the problem. 

At some point Fiddler wasn't picking up IE8 traffic.

I changed the proxy settings in an attempt to get Fiddler to pick up the IE8 traffic.

What I didn't realize is changing the proxy settings caused Outlook to be unable to connect to the Internet, any browser couldn't connect, and of course Fiddler couldn't login since it couldn't connect to the Internet.

I lost maybe 2-3 hours of time due to the login\proxy problem. :(


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