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In the previous version of fiddler we could use our own certificate ClientCertificate.cer in the directory Documents\Fiddler2 but I can't seem to be able to fund this directory neither any setting to change this. Can you guide me please.

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Could you clarify what you mean by "use our own certificate"? The classic Fiddler generates its trust certificate and uses it for intercepting HTTPS. On the other hand, servers using certificate pinning can't be intercepted (see here). DO you have something else in mind? 

I am trying to send a request to a server but the server requires a certificate that is issues by it's onw CA. So in the previous version of fiddler I could rename my client certificate to ClientCertificate.cer that was  issued by the server CA. Then I use to place it in "Documents\Fiddler2" directory.  This new version I can't see the option neither the directory "Documents\Fiddler2". 

I can't use the fiddler certificate as Server is not not configured to trust fiddler certificate.

Thanks for the clarification!

If you are on Windows, you could try providing the client certificate with the following path:


Please let me know if that is working on your side. Meanwhile, we are currently looking into similar possibilities for macOS and Linux.

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Hi, Nick 

I had the same issue as Sharif, and this helped me, could you please make this information available in the documentation?

I think that many people who migrate from the Classic version to the new one can have the same issue and many could not have the patience to search here in the forum. It would be very nice to have this information easy.



I tried it, adding the client cert in FiddlerCore folder, and it doesn't work.

Is there a change ?

The provided path is valid for Fiddler Everywhere. 


Ensure that the client certificate file is named exactly ClientCertificate.cer as this is the default name that Fiddler Everywhere will look for.

The path for Fiddler Classic is