Possibility to give a name for Auto Responder Rule

It would be easier to go through all the rules if they have some name which the user can set manually. Currently, if there are many of them, it is not convenient to use them, because the only way I can understand what the rule is for is to check its Match Condition.

Thank you.

Thank you for logging this one! The team will consider it on one of the next triages, and I will provide more info if and when similar functionality will be implemented.

Update: The latest version of Fiddler Everywhere provides an option to group your Auto Responder rules and give each group an unique name.

I agree with the original suggestion.

For example, I have several json scenarios for the same API to test my application, and I turn them on and off depending on what I am testing. It would be very useful to give a short name to each scenario so I can select them more easily. Today I have to open each one and read through the json to identify each rule every time I need to toggle something.

The groups functionality may be useful for other situations, but not on this one.