Fiddler Reverse Proxy between 2 machines


I am wondering if it's possible to use Fiddler as Reverse Proxy in this scenario for debugging purposes.

I have setup server-A with Fiddler as a Reverse Proxy:

1. QuickExec !Listen 443 server-a

2. Added rule in script to listen for server-a:443 and redirect to my https website on 444.

3. Enabled accept Remote Connections

On server-B, I downloaded and installed the DO_NOT_TRUST Fiddler CA Cert from server-A:8888

Should this in theory work? When I attempt to browse server-A:443 from a browser in server-B it says that it is not trusted.

I have searched and followed as many guides as I could find but to no avail.

Assistance appreciated.

Thank you Community


Hey Rleung,

The Fiddler Everywhere does not yet support the QuickExec functionality. Your question is about the classic Fiddler, so in this case, the better place to reach out is the traditional Fiddler community forum.

Here are some additional resources that you might also find useful:

Oops! Apologies. Thank you