Application UI features like Hide, Minimize, etc.

Usually you can press CMD+H to hide an application, but this is not available for Fiddler Everywhere.  It would be nice if this was added, as it makes it much easier to switch between fiddler and other applications.

Other commands are missing too, which would be nice if were available:

Application menu:

- Preferences (CMD+,) - should open settings

- Hide (CMD+H)

- Hide Others ( Option+CMD+H)

Window Menu (there is none!)

- Minimize (CMD+M)

- Zoom

- Tile Window to Left of Screen

- Tile Window to Right of Screen


While you're at it, please add CMD+[ and CMD+] to go to previous and next tab.  This stuff is very standard and makes it very hard to use this product efficiently.

Hey Curtis,

Thank you for the valued feedback! The Fiddler Everywhere client will surely benefit from these UI features, so I am marking it as a feature request.