Unable to login

Hi, I'm in China and I can't log in directly here, I need to turn on VPN to log in to my account, but this affects other internet connections, and I'm also forced to jump to the login page every once in a while after turning off VPN.

I would like to add servers that are close to China or do not require login?

It's too annoying to use VPN every time!

Could you describe in detail the standard workflow you are facing when using Fiddler Everywhere? From what I've understood, you are doing as follows:

1. Connecting VPN (is that a state VPN, a corporate one, or a personal one?).

2. You are turning on Fiddler Everywhere and then using the login functionality.

3. Turning off the VPN. At this point, there is no direct internet connection, so FE won't be able to log in. 

Is the above correct? If not, then please describe your exact scenario.

Meanwhile, the team is already researching the option to provide an anonymous login (with no internet connection required). We will update this thread as soon as we have more insights after our internal research on that feature.

There is Internet China Telecom, but a foreign VPN is required to log in to this software.

Your website is very slow to open in China

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Hey there,

Could you let us know (or anyone from mainland China) if the issue with the slow site connection is still happening?