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Filter out URl's

How do I filter out url's that I don't want to see?

Like: outlook.office365.com

I'm using the Fiddler Everywhere product on Mac OS.

Using the PC product, this is really simple, I just Right click on a session and select Filter Now and then hide.

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To filter out URLs in Fiddler Everywher, click the URL column menu (the three dots at the right of the column) and add your filter. In this case, you should select "Does not contain" as the filter type and "outlook.office365.com" as the filter value. After that click the "Filter" button and the session list will be updated with the new filter. For more information see this documentation page - https://docs.telerik.com/fiddler-everywhere/user-guide/live-traffic/live-traffic#live-traffic-columns

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