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Snapshot doesn't work in FiddlerCap (Windows)


I used Fiddler for  research before bug fixes . But Fiddler doesn't work in Customer's PC.On details We could not save the snap shot. 

WE check the SAZ file. But snapshot Log didn't exist in a SAZ.

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So far, Fiddler Everywhere does not support taking screenshots, and FiddlerJam is a Chrome extension that can be used only from a Chromium-based browser. Perhaps a 3rd-party screenshot tool will be needed to capture the screen on the client's side. By the way, is the issue (that the client tries to report) happening in a browser or another application?

Hey Okamotyu,

There are few things you could check and verify. 

- Is your client pressing the Snapshot button or expecting from FiddlerCap to create automatic snapshots? You are saying, "So I'd like to ask, is FidllerEveryWhere able to take screenshots automatically when there is a processing problem?" which indicates that you are expecting FiddlerCap to take the screenshot on some event, but FiddlerCap does not support this.

- Another thing to verify is that the user is pressing the snapshot button on the proper screen. FiddlerCap will take screenshots only for the active window, which must be considered when a popup window appears (or following a link to an entirely new window/tab). Once a screenshot is successfully taken, the new screenshot should almost immediately appear in the session list (listed as a localhost/Screenshot_....jpg session).

- Regarding the screen freeze. This could be the real problem - if the whole browser/PC is freezing and can't recover, this may be the reason why FiddlerCap is unable to take a screenshot at this very moment. You could confirm that the user can take a screenshot with FiddlerCap before the freeze screen issue appears (e.g., opening a trivial link like https://example.com).

Hello ,

We were considering using Fiddler EveryWhere for a while,

However, due to the lack of snapshot function, it seems that Oracle cannot investigate the cause of the error.

Therefore, we are considering using Fiddler Jam instead of Fiddler Cap.
Can you tell us the official release date of Fiddler Jam?


Fiddler Jam is feature complete but still in the early access program. We are boarding new clients to the pilot program to make sure it solves their needs properly. In the this program, you will be able to use it with your end-users.

We could organize a private call to discuss your needs and what you would like to see in the upcoming Fiddler Jam and next versions of Fiddler Everywhere. If you are interested, please email me at nikolay.iliev at progress.com to arrange the meeting.

Thank you, we will consider it.
However, if the reason why snapshots cannot be taken is outside the product, I think that using a new product will not be a structural solution.

The subject goes back, is there a record of what happens when FiddlerCap snapshots don't work?

If there are any security software or settings that interfere, please let me know.





I have tried FiddlerJam in an Oracle Service Cloud application,

But couldn't capture. Can it only be captured in a Chrome browser?

This happens Is it just beta? 

When is the release date of Fiddler Jam?

Sorry for not replying,

Because I was asking Oracle about this issue.


To explain in detail for topic organization and confirmation.

The customer's project uses OracleServiceCloud and

I needed to solve a screen freeze problem that occurred during the customer's business.

In order to clarify when the screen freeze occurs, Oracle has instructed us to use a tool that can automatically take screenshots of the screen.

That was Fiddler Cap.

However, the screenshots didn't work, so I couldn't pinpoint where the problem occurred.

What I want to emphasize is

HTTP confirmation has already been acquired by FiddlerCap, so it is not necessary to use only the HTTP monitoring function.

So I'd like to ask, is FidllerEveryWhere able to take screenshots automatically when there is a processing problem?





Fiddler Jam is now officially published - you can lear more from the following sources:

Fiddler Jam landing page: https://www.telerik.com/fiddler-jam

Fiddler Jam documentation:  https://docs.telerik.com/fiddler-jam/introduction

Fiddler Jam Chrome Extension page: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fiddler-jam/fnkjlegmkbicdodlheligomlfbdblpfj

Fiddler Jam consist of an extension (can be used free by everyone to capture Chrome traffic) and by the Jam dashboard site (a cloud space for organising, investigating and collaborating on the provided extension logs)

Thank you for your answer.

I have some question.

・What is a SAZ file?

・What information can be obtained through SAZ files?

・What should I do to create the same information I get using Snapshot with FiddlerCap?

Fiddler Jam Is it possible to capture the connection status of the application as well as the fiddler cap?
I'm considering using it,

I would like to know the flow of using the product.

After purchasing the license,

Downloading and using the FiddlerJam application

Is it possible to check the communication of another application?


I'm sorry
It is difficult to introduce the upper beta version and check the capture operation due to customer settings.
Is there any other way to check the problem?

Fiddler Jam is a solution for Google Chrome (or other compatible Chromium browsers like Edge, Brave, etc.). There are two parts of Fiddler Jam:

- a Chrome extension that can be used by everyone to capture and share logs from the browses

- a Dashboard site, where Jam users with subscriptions can inspect, share, and deep-dive in the provided logs.

The whole Jam story can be found on the official Fiddler Jam page and in the related documentation.

A detailed description of the SAZ file is published here. Basically, a SAZ file is an archive that contains the raw files (client and server requests) and the metadata files. The snapshots created via FiddlerCap are stored as a localhost session (that includes a JPG image).

Fiddler Everywhere does not have the functionality for capturing screenshots (at least for now).

However, the team is currently working on a product called Fiddler Jam. It still in beta phase but you could signup for the pilot program. Hint - Fiddler Jam could take screenshots (alongside the captured logs) from your current browser tab.

I tried to solve a business problem using FiddlerJam,

The problem was occurring on the client application and could not be resolved by FiddlerJam.

Is there any other way?

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