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Hello dear Today i have a problem please helped me In fiddler everywhere lastet version I can acces my proxy server in a local network but if i want to access my proxy server in another wifi(public) that is not working and dont show me ( fiddlerroot certificate) , And how i can access my proxy server in another wifi,anywhere can connected to my proxy and install my profile please help me With my respect fo all of them

Hello Haidar mustafa,

Thank you for your interest in Fiddler Everywhere! Regarding the issue you are facing, could you please clarify what you mean by accessing my proxy server in another wifi? Are you trying to capture traffic from a remote host? If so, you could try to chain the Fiddler proxy on the machine generating the traffic (the one you want to capture). To do that, go to the proxy settings and set the machine name (where Fiddler Everywhere is running) as the proxy and use the port used by Fiddler Everywhere. 

Thanks bro to replay I want to caputure trafic everywhere by proxy server ,if i input my proxy server in my wifi i can capture in fiddler if i try in another wifi(internet) i can not capture trafic, what need i do to capture every where. Thanks again

If you change the active adapter, you will need to set the FIddler proxy for the new active adapter. That means you will need to set the Fiddler proxy for the WiFi (or any other network type) you are currently using.

Bro, i using fiddler everyhwere, after i connect to my (ip:port) work well but in another wifi (in another location) after i set my (ip:port) and i go to safari and search to my proxy server i write my proxy(ip:port) dont show me cretifacate page to install profile,i asked more , i want in another wifi show my profile and install,what need i do for anywhere anyone can install my profile and i can cupture trafic what is need i do, i asked my friend told me use rdp(remote desktop protocol) but i dont know how i use rdp in fiddler , what need i do ,please help me dear with my respect do all of them

Hey Haidar,

I am still not sure what your use case is - are you trying to capture traffic from the iOS device while using the device active WiFi connection?

It would be best if you verified that your WiFI connection has the Fiddler Everywhere ports opened. You can also refer to this documentation article for full details on how to set an iOS device alongside Fiddler Everywhere proxy and root certificate.

If the above is not your case, please provide screenshots of the network configuration so that we could better understand your specific case.

On second glance it looks like you are trying to connect from another PC to the machine with the proxy. Check your firewall and make sure that the ports are open (the ports used by the echo service which you are truing to access with ip:port)

Thanks alot bro , Bro i want use a public ip not Private ,and i want wherever someone put my(ip:port) show cretifacate profile in safari, are you understand bro❤️❤️❤️
I want make like it
Please help me

Hey there,

The screenshots confirm that you are using an iOS device. You can only capture traffic from a device on the same Wi-Fi network (as the PC where Fiddler Everywhere is running), and also, the device also needs to be discoverable. That said, you need to follow the instructions as listed in the documentation article

Note: You can't use Fiddler to capture traffic from another machine unless you have direct access to the device you want to track (see basic instructions in this documentation section - these are valid for both Fiddler and Fiddler Everywhere)

The Wi-Fi should be used as proxy IP, the IP used for your Fiddler Everywhere host (but at the first second of the clip, it shows an external IP Your device needs to be connected to the same network as the Fiddler Everywhere host network. That said, the IP of the Fiddler host within your Wi-Fi should be something like 192.167.x.x. The port that Fiddler Everywhere uses by default is 8866 (compared to the classic Fiddler's 8888), and your Wi-Fi proxy was set to 8080, which leads me to believe that your active Wi-Fi connection is using a different proxy and not the Fiddler one.

Note: I've deleted the duplicated forum post to continue the communication in a single thread and keep the forums clean. Please use this thread for any further questions.