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Problems to login to Fiddler

Hi !

I have experienced problems to login to Fiddler almost everyday. Login success only after many attempts.

The error message I get is: "No internet access and it seems you have a proxy set. Check if it is correct in your OS settings and restart the application after that.”

After a many attempts, login is succesfull without any OS settings changes. Next day, same process.

Any idea about what could this be and how to solve the issue?



Hey Andre,

Could you please check your OS proxy settings after you experience the issue? By default, if you are not using another system proxy, when Fiddler Everywhere is turned off, it should reset the proxy settings, and you should be able to use your connection. However, if the Fiddler Everywhere proxy is present (when capturing is OFF or when Fiddler Everywhere is closed), that would indicate an issue. In case of the latter, please send us the Fiddler Everywhere logs so we could investigate further.

Hi Nick, I will try the procedure you mentioned tomorrow, but I am not very familiar with Mac OS. Could you send the path I should follow to get to Mac OS proxy settings? Thanks
Thanks Nick, Problem solved! Thanks a lot! Andre
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