about proxy setup

fiddler is working pretty good to capture http traffic on my WIFI through my local machine IP on same WIFI but whenever i try to capture http traffic from another WIFI to my local IP it doesn't work.

i wanna know that it is possible to capture http traffic on my public IP instead of my local IP. if yes kindly help to set it up and secondly I want to create such a proxy in which anybody can connect to it easily if they add that proxy into their WIFI for capturing http traffic. I have tried my best to get done everything possible but I could not. so I need  little time and help from you guys.

Thanks in advance for your help


Hey Globalgsm62,

I guess, you are talking about capturing traffic from mobile device that is using Wi-FI connection. If that is the case, the short answer is that you need to use the same Wi-Fi network for both the mobile device and the PC that hosts the FIddler proxy. The mobile device should be configured to use the local address (IP and port) of the Fiddler host machine. The mobile device should also be discoverable on the Wi-FI network (some devices are not by default even when using the same local network).

Refer to these article for the requirements needs for Fiddler Everywhere and mobile traffic capturing.

iOS: https://docs.telerik.com/fiddler-everywhere/get-started/mobile-traffic/configure-ios#configure-ios-device

Android: https://docs.telerik.com/fiddler-everywhere/get-started/mobile-traffic/configure-android

Apart from the above, you should be able to use "Allow remote computers to connect" alongside the public IP - given that the public IP is not firewalled and you have your ports opened.

thank you for your response sir

 yes, you are right and exactly I can capture traffic from a mobile device if they are connected to the same wifi network (on local IP and Port).

but my problem is I can't connect any mobile device from another wifi network or internet so basically, I wanna know how I can set up a proxy for another wifi network or internet for capturing traffic so they can use that proxy and port to connect my fiddler host machine as I can capture traffic if a mobile device is connected on the same network.


The mobile device needs to be connected to the same network as where the Fiddler proxy runs. Additionally, the device needs to be discoverable on that network.