Can Fiddler Everywhere Function As A Syslog Server

 Pardon my terminology, but we have approximately 50 agents VPNing into our Corporate Office to access applications. 100% of their Internet traffic traverses the VPN and is routed out through the Internet pipe at our Corporate Office. We would like a tool that can be installed on a server at the Corp. Office and capture incoming traffic destined for the Internet. We will analyze the captured packets if an agent reports a problem. We use SonicWALL firewalls. Can Fiddler Everywhere do this?

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The Fiddler Everywhere application's primary goal is to serve as a web debugging tool for outgoing traffic. Before posting details on how you could set Fiddler Everywhere to capture incoming traffic from remote computers explicitly, I would like to note that as a UI tool FE (Fiddler Everywhere) is not the proper tool for monitoring incoming traffic. Although that is possible, the downside would be that FE is a UI tool (and as such has its limitations for capturing an enormous amount of sessions)., it lacks a console utility, it would be a nightmare to manage all the traffic that is incoming (and FE will capture ALL). That said, we don't believe that FE is the right tool for monitoring incoming traffic from multiple hosts.

Apart from the above, it is possible to capture incoming traffic from a remote PC. Similarly to how you would capture traffic from a remote mobile device (Android or iOS). Here is what you would need to do:

1. On the server that holds FE, start FE and go to Settings > Connections and enable Allow remote computers to connect.

2. On each PC you would like to "monitor", you will need to set a proxy with the IP::PORT used by the Fiddler proxy. You will also need to install and trust the root certificate (on each PC) to capture the secure traffic.