[Fiddler] System.Security.Authentication.AuthenticationException The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.

Dear Fiddler developer!

(1) Please delete certificate validation procedure. Do you understand what is web debugger? Developer want to result of request instead your result of certificate validation procedure. 

Or please add checkbox as browser style - "create request by anyway".

As result of your issues browser working better than your debugger. Please screenshot.

(2) And please add to all textbox ordinary "paste" future by mouse. What reason of deleting copy-paste future of any input textbox?

(3) And please delete by default spying for developer, checkbox "automatically send all request to fiddler server" can be disabled by default. Do you understand that means "privacy is my right"!

Thank you.

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Hello Kharkov275 ,

Thank you for your interest in Fiddler Everywhere for Linux!

We will consider your suggestions - the team is continuously looking for customer feedback and improving the UX that the Fiddler Everywhere application provides. Regarding the specific issue you are facing:

1. From the screenshot and from the error you have posted, you have not installed and trusted the root Fiddler certificate. That is a must if you need to capture secure traffic (HTTPS) - detailed instructions for enabling the HTTPS capturing on Linux can be found in this documentation article. The team is currently researching the options to capture secure traffic without using a root certificate, but this feature is still in a research phase and is not yet part of an official version.

2. Could you clarify in which textbox you are missing the copy/paste functionality?

3. Fiddler Everywhere is not "spying" but ratter collecting information that can be used to diagnose bugs and possible UI/UX improvements. As you have noticed, you can easily opt-out of that service by going into Settings > Privacy and unchecking the Automatically send data box.