Can't save settings circle just spins over 15 minutes

before and after installing the ceritificate I cannot save settings (no proxy)

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Logs attached. Sorry for the delay. Your message went to junk folder for some reason.

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Hey Biestyw,

It looks like that you have access to the AWS Cognito, but probably your corporate proxy is preventing access to the other required Fiddler API endpoints (like Could you please verify that you could access the required Fiddler endpoints listed in this documentation section? 

I can get into 3 but not:

I get an error with

Cannot GET /

Hey Biestyw,

In order to sign in successfully you'll need access to and * Without this access it is not possible to have a stable working product. Can you try opening and sign in there - this should help us to determine exactly which URLs are blocked on your side. If you are working behind some firewall, can you try to ensure the * addresses are accesible?

Rosen Vladimirov

I have the same problem in windows 1909. Any updates on this.

I have the exact same issue on both the Windows and Ubuntu versions of Fiddler Everywhere. I'm on Ubuntu 20.04.01 (5.8.0-40-generic) and Windows 10 Enterprise 1809. Would greatly appreciate an update.

Hello Biestyw,

Could you provide more information about the issue you are facing? Consider delivering the following:

- The OS version.

- The version of the installed Fiddler Everywhere.

- The Fiddler Everywhere log files.

- Detailed description of how the issue is manifesting on your side. Is the settings window responding (are you able to close it and reopen it).

Overall, are you able to capture HTTPS traffic after clicking on Trust root certificate and then closing the settings window and enabling Capturing mode?

Windows 10 1909 I think. I couldn’t find the version of fiddler anywhere but downloaded it two days ago. The setting window opens and I can browse do change the settings. Clicking save is where it just hangs. I was not able to capture https traffic. It also just seems to block the browser hence our trying to turn off the proxy settings. I am doing something different. Since we installed on ms term server and most of the people who need to use fiddler don’t have admin rights and therefore cant install their own copy in app data I copied the one I installed to a separate folder and created a new shortcut to start in that folder. It looks like settings are per user as my installing the cert didn’t take for the other user. This is a very frustrating experience.

granted user admin rights and they installed it. Installed quick but takes a long time to start as with separate folder. Save still just spinning circle after 5 minutes.

My mistake on windows version. It's 2016 data center (1607  14393.4169) and as mentioned is a term server.

Hey  Biestyw,

Indeed Fiddler Everywhere is not supporting your scenario out-of-the-box. Would you like to join a private call with us to talk about your organization's needs (in the context of Fiddler Everywhere) and perhaps discuss possible solutions? If you are interested, please contact me at nikolay.iliev at, and I will arrange the joint meeting.

Hey AK  and Vishnuatadoor,

Could you guys please provide the FIddler log files so we could investigate each of your cases separately? As a rule of thumb, check if you have access to the required endpoints and have a stable connection that is not timing out. Also, check for leaked proxy settings in your OS proxy settings window. Lastly, please send us the logs that could be manually extracted, as shown here.

I have the same story with Everywhere on Windows version 1909.   I click Save and it spins infinitely.  Instead of private conversation, please post the solution publicly.