Can't save settings circle just spins over 15 minutes

before and after installing the ceritificate I cannot save settings (no proxy)

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Hey Biestyw,

It looks like that you have access to the AWS Cognito, but probably your corporate proxy is preventing access to the other required Fiddler API endpoints (like Could you please verify that you could access the required Fiddler endpoints listed in this documentation section? 

I can get into 3 but not:

I get an error with

Cannot GET /

Hey Biestyw,

In order to sign in successfully you'll need access to and * Without this access it is not possible to have a stable working product. Can you try opening and sign in there - this should help us to determine exactly which URLs are blocked on your side. If you are working behind some firewall, can you try to ensure the * addresses are accesible?

Rosen Vladimirov