Unable to modify settings

When I try to change the gateway options or change the listen port (any changes from setting menu), after click save, I got it keep spining without save successfully. 

I tested with proxy, without proxy, connect via phone hotspot wifi, all the the same result.

See attached logs.

(371 KB)
(125 KB)

You could try the following solution, but before proceeding, notice that the below steps will delete your locally saved session, composer requests, and Auto Responder rules. 

- Stop the capturing and close the Fiddler Everywhere application. Make sure your OS proxy settings are reset to your defaults.

- Open your current user directory (from your logs, it looks like you are using Linux OS, so they are probably in /home/<username/) and delete the folder named .fiddler.

- Restart Fiddler Everywhere and try again to change a setting.

If the above is not resolving your issue, then please send us the newly generated log files.

At second glance, it looks like that the reason for your issue is related to a timeout when requesting one of our endpoints at the getfiddler.com domain. It also looks like you could connect successfully to that endpoint when the hotspot WiFi was used, so it seems like that the timeout is happening with your primary internet connection. 

Please try the following and let us know if that resolves the issue on your side:

- Entirely close Fiddler Everywhere application. 

- Make sure that the OS proxy settings are reset to their defaults.

- Change the OS active Internet connection to use the hotspot WiFI.

- Start Fiddler Everywhere and login,

At this point (based on what we see in the logs), you should be able to successfully login via the hotspot. If that is the case, then the timeout to getfiddler.com is related to your local ISP having trouble accessing the Fiddler endpoint. The team is working on improving the overall experience in similar scenarios by providing better error descriptions. However, you could also contact your ISP to verify that the endpoint accessibility is not somehow limited.