No logro capturar trafico remoto desde un pais diferente

Actualmente estoy probando violinista en mi vps, pero por alguna razón no logro recibir trafico desde un dispositivo conectado desde otro lugar, cabe mencionar que mi vps tiene ip publica e ip privada, he buscado información por todas partes pero no encuentro algo claro de como configurar violinista 


mi vps esta en ohio y quiero recibir trafico desde un dispositivo ios en mexico configuro proxy en el iphone segun la ip que me marca el vps en ipconfig es esta y el puerto en fiddler es el 8866 pero aun asi no logro recibir trafico. podrian ayudarme.

la version de fiddler que estoy usando es Fiddler Everywere

como pudiste enlazar el fiddler a tu vps

The Allow Remote Computers to Connect will cause Fiddler to listen on all PC's network interfaces. So theoretically, you could enable it and chain Fiddler to an upstream proxy that you have created.

However, the Fiddler host PC must be listening on a public IP, and this IP shouldn't be firewalled. Many modern-day hardware and software network solutions are explicitly configured to differentiate a public network from a private one and are applying additional security rules. So that said, it is pretty much impossible to capture traffic from a random client over the Internet.

Instead, you could use Fiddler Jam which can be easily installed in the client's browser (it is a Chrome extension), the client can capture the traffic (the Jam extension provides network capturing, screenshots, console log, and much more). Then finally, the client can share it with you so you could deep-dive into the issue while investigating the captured logs.