Unable to trust root certificate

Hey, whenever I attempt to trust the root certificate it says the following, "Unable to trust the root certificate. The operation was cancelled.

I've tried exporting the certificate and manually trusting it but it ended in no results. Another thing is that no window popup happens whenever I click it, it just says what I mentioned. https://gyazo.com/0ca7ae9014442c5e6209950ab6f6c3ad this is what it looks like when it happens. I'll attach my logs for viewing.

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did u fix it?

The logs here indicated that there were insufficient access rights to one of the folders. This is perhaps because the Fiddler Everywhere is used alongside Jenkins and likely with an OS account that was not the one that installed FIddler in the first place.

The error message indicating the issue:


Failed to add certificate to store: Access is denied.

Hello everyone,

The latest version of Fiddler Everywhere comes with even easier gettings started options for trusting the root certificate. Additionally, Fiddler Everywhere now supports a preconfigured browser that allows you to use the Fiddler proxy without modifying the OS proxy settings.