Wrap or floating tooltip for Live traffic columns


Even if the URL column is set to super wide, some URLs will not fit as the Inspector section breaks the Live Traffic section.

This truncates the full URL readability.

Instead of the truncated URL view, I would really like to see the full URLs in the Live Traffic column when the user e.g. hover over the mouse.


Ok, it is easier - this should work as it in Chrome Dev Tools - only the last element of the URL is displayed in the URL column.


As a user, 

instead of:


all I want to see in the URL column is the last element:


This is currently a blocker for me to use.

Ah, thanks for the explanation.

Hey Bacizone,

The issue is triaged and approved by the team but not yet planned for implementation - that what the status Not Taken means. I will soon pin all tags on the Announcements board to know what the different labels are about. 

Why is it not taken?