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Rules: Match multiple methods

Is it possible to match more than a single method in the Fiddler Everywhere Auto Responder?

e.g. with a match like methods:GET,POST,OPTIONS

How about matching all methods except the given method/methods,

e.g. -methods:GET for all methods except GET? 

or methods:-GET,-POST for everything except GET and POST?


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The method match rule can match only a single request method. 

Here are some use cases:

Rules may be constrained to apply to only particular methods. For instance, to take action only when an HTTP Request using the DELETE method is sent to Manage.aspx, use the following Match Condition:

Method:DELETE Manage.aspx

The URL component may be a partial string, or an Exact, Not, or RegEx expression, like so:

Method:DELETE REGEX:.+\.cgi.*

To apply a rule to all requests that use the DELETE method, omit the URL component.


I guess that in your case, you could apply multiple rules for each request method.