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Unable to login behind corporate proxy on my Mac

Corporate proxy is configured using system settings, using a PAC file and Kerberos auth. I also have a local proxy running for edge cases. I have tried setting http_proxy and https_proxy environment variables, but no luck.

How can I change the proxy settings for this Electron-based application so that I can log in and begin using it? (I also don't like that I have to login to use the desktop app in the first place, but I'm willing to see if it's any good)

Also, the logged output when starting up shows:

01:14:05.746 › Setting the following proxy settings to the main window: {"pacScript":null,"proxyRules":null,"proxyBypassRules":"*.local;169.254/16"}

I also tried modifying browser-window-service.js to set the proxy following the documentation here: https://www.electronjs.org/docs/api/session#sessetproxyconfig

With this code change:


const upstreamProxyConfig = {
                    proxyRules: 'http=localhost:9876;https=localhost:9876'
                this.logger.info(`Setting the following proxy settings to the main window: ${JSON.stringify(upstreamProxyConfig)}`);


But it still didn't work.

I was able to make what seems to be minor progress with a full system restart (despite that everything else was working fine on the machine). I was able to switch between Kerberos PAC-based proxy and a manually configured one, and in both cases I'm now seeing the error on login:

"Unable to complete the login process due to a backend error."

What now?


In addition, I switched from username/password based login to SSO with Google (which succeeded in the browser), but Fiddler Anywhere still sat there for a while and eventually errored out with the same message. For what it's worth, I think the connection isn't the problem now, as the update check succeeds:


12:29:19.149 › Checking for update
12:29:20.791 › Update for version 1.6.0 is not available (latest version: 1.6.0, downgrade is disallowed).

 Still stuck.

Hello Sean,

Thank you for reporting your case and providing a detailed description of your network setup and steps taken during the debugging process!

The team is currently investigating a possible issue with some Fiddler requests not respecting a passed upstream proxy. Could you please let us know if you have access to https://api.getfiddler.com when no PAC script is configured on your side? I would expect you to face the same issue (not being able to complete the login process) when no PAC script is involved, which will confirm that you are dealing with the same scenario. If that is the case, then please stay tuned as we are actively working on a solution for this bug.

I can confirm that with the proxy off, we can't connect:

curl: (7) Failed to connect to api.getfiddler.com port 443: Connection refused

But when I enable the proxy, it works, and I get an empty response, but the connection succeeds.

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