Feature Request Information

The Feature Request section of the community forums is where all community members could post their suggestions for improving and enhancing Fiddler Everywhere by suggesting new features. The Fiddler team is constantly working on bringing more functionalities and extras to the Fiddler Everywhere product, and the main inspiration is the community's voice. Please post a feature request by explaining in detail the main idea and purpose of the request, the problems you are trying to solve, and, if possible, provide examples of how you would picture the implementation.

Once a feature request is posted, other community members can comment and upvote it - the more votes an FR attracts, the more it will increase its priority in our planning.

The Feature Request section of the community forums has some informative labels that can help you understand the status of a given feature request. Basically, each feature request has the following lifecycle: 

1. FR is posted by a community member and accumulates votes.

2. The Fiddler team makes regular triage meetings where the development team goes into each feature and discusses its meaning, priority, and possible implementation. 

3. A support member assigns a label for the triaged feature requests. Refer to the label's legend below.

4. Based on the decision made by the Fiddler team (step.2), the feature request is being planned and implemented or deferred.

Feature Request section label meanings

  • None - The FR is not yet triaged and planned by the Fiddler team.
  •  Planned  - The FR is triaged and approved for future implementation and is now assigned to the development team.
  •  In Progress - The FR is in active development.
  •  Deferred  - The FR is not approved. The support engineer posts the reason for the FR rejection in the forum thread.
  •  Implemented - The FR is implemented and available in the latest version of Fiddler Everywhere.
  •  Not Taken  - The FR is triaged and approved for future implementation but is not yet assigned to the development team.