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Proxy is invasive


I am using Fiddler Everywhere through company VPN, using wifi connection only.

I can not manage Windows proxy settings on my Win10 Enterprise.

Problem is: whenever I switch on the Live Traffic tracking, several of my other apps cannot reach my resources, eg.. Postman or PyCharm. 

If I disable Live Tracking,  all is fine.

Any recommendation how to get over this?


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When the Live Traffic capturing is turned on, FIddler Everywhere changes the system proxy (sets a manual proxy configuration). Any application that doesn't detect changes in the proxy made dynamically will stop working (or at least will experience some connection issues). This is to be expected, and it is not much you could do from FIddler's side. Try restarting the problematic applications (once the Live Traffic is on) so that they could refresh their proxy settings. Alternatively, you could pre-set the proxy settings for those applications to use the Fiddler proxy (with the downside that they won't work as expected when Live Traffic capturing is OFF).

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