do not change selected tabs when switching between requests

I need to compare two requests and responses to see if there are any differences. I select the first request and set both request and response inspectors to the "raw" tab.

When I then switch to the second request, fiddler changes the tabs to "headers" for the request and "body" for the response.

This makes it really hard to compare two requests.

I would expect fiddler not to change my selected tabs when I navigate between requests.

+1 for possible implementation improvment from

The latest version of Fiddler Everywhere comes with improved behavior. By default, we will show the Overview tab, and on double-click, the most appropriate inspector will be loaded. From that point on, Fiddler will continue to use and load the last selected inspector for each chosen new session (meaning that you might choose your inspector and use it to inspect different sessions without having to worry about Fiddler reverting to default).