Fiddler Everywhere Visual Studio 2019 IIS Express localhost Chrome

Are there steps to configuring FE for use with VS2019, IISExpress, Chrome and localhost?

I'm not seeing anything being captured when using: http://localhost:3983/

When Fiddler Everywhere is started and Capturing is on the system, the proxy adds an <loopback> exception in the OS manual proxy setup, which allows capturing localhost traffic. That said, a basic ASP.NET 5 application (like this one) is working alongside the Fiddler Everywhere proxy (with the system proxy) out-of-the-box. However, notice that different HTTP libraries have different settings and proxy behavior, and not all of them respect the Windows system proxy. So, the HttpClient (used in the linked example) is respecting the system proxy, and no additional configuration is needed, but some of them might need an additional setup.

If your .NET HTTP library needs an additional proxy setup, then refer to the following links: - Some libraries need an explicit proxy setup. (a Fiddler Classic article but valid for Fiddler Everywhere)

May be a better way to ask would be if a new project is created using the project template ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework)  for Framework 4.5 for MVC what would need to be changed in the project to allow Fiddler Everywhere to capture the traffic?