Query related to Fiddler

I have to analyse packets coming from a website to my computer and vice versa. But that website is geostricted so I need to use VPN. I am using Zenmate. When I turn on VPN. Fiddler stops capturing packets. How to sort out this issue?

Hello Amrendra Kumar Mishra,

Fiddler Everywhere requires access to specific API endpoints (used for login) during the startup. That said the Fiddler Everywhere client should be started before the VPN tooling. In addition, Fiddler provides options to bypass specific URLs, and that could be used to bypass the VPN endpoints. 

Although, I've never used Zenmate, you could try to follow the steps described in this KB article for configuring Fiddler Everywhere alongside Cisco AnyConnect Note that the execution order of the steps described in the documentation article is crucial for the proper setup. You might also want to check if there are options for setting up a. proxy address in Zenmate and if there are an additional security settings that are preventing MITM access

Nick. Thanks for your response. Can you guide me how to do the above in Opera Browser which has in-built VPN. Will be grateful.

The built-in VPN feature in the Opera browser does not provide a list of IPs of the VPN servers that are used for that service. However, without the server IP addresses, it is not possible to bypass them.