Fiddler Everywhere: TLSv1.2 support?

Does Fiddler Everywhere support TLSv1.2?  When I try to intercept traffic from an android app compiled to accept the user CA's, I get the following in my fiddler traffic:


Result: 200


"A SSLv3-compatible ClientHello handshake was found. Fiddler extracted the parameters below.

Version: 3.3 (TLS/1.2)

Random: B4 ED 54 39 F4 25 CC 53 CD 3F 6F DF E4 40 6A BE 9D E4 CA 40 A2 34 E9 5E 1A 21 F4 AE 63 F0 B7 DC

"Time": 06/24/2000 11:19:48

SessionID: 45 F8 8A F3 B3 D6 E7 A4 B4 FC 92 1B 4F AC 19 F1 52 99 E0 E2 BF 6D DF 5B 61 2C 4F E3 27 D4 1F 3D"

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Hello Cppcoder,

The first thing to verify is that you have enabled HTTPS capturing from the Fiddler host (the certificate installed, trusted, and you can catch any secure traffic from the machine where Fiddler Everywhere is installed). Please also confirm that you can capture HTTPS traffic from a mobile browser while using the Fiddler proxy and trust certificate.

Another thing you could clarify for us is what the "Time" field is indicating and why it shows the 2000 year. Is that expected, and could that mess with the certificate validity date?

Lastly, why do you think the issue is with TLSv1.2 - have you observed other pages (using TLSv1.2) that are not being captured properly?