How to Set Proxy for Wifi Network on EAP

The guide on the Fiddler product page shows only how to connect the mobile device to PC using Proxy settings but our wifi network is using EAP protocol. I'm not too sure but I suspect it's the reason why there's no Proxy settings section on the Wifi set up page on the mobile device. 

Our wifi network is fixed and it's not something I can go around and modify settings with.

Is there a separate guide for using Fiddler on a Wifi network that is using EAP?

As a background, I'm trying to network trace an Android App that is connecting to a public server. But due to security policy, the device can only use Corporate Wifi. This Corporate Wifi is on EAP and that setting cannot be changed.


Hey Adrian,

The EAP network's sole purpose is to add security layers that prevent network breaches via malware tools. The Fiddler Everywhere application is using a Man-in-the-middle approach - it sets a proxy between you (your applications) and the servers. It captures all the outbound/inbound traffic that goes through. In addition, the EAP network is protecting from a MITM by using a specific EAP-TSL authentication. All of the above said I believe that the only way you could possibly use Fiddler Everywhere with your EAP-protected WiFi is to contact your administrators and ask if they can safelist the Fiddler proxy. 

thanks for the reply. suppose fiddler is whitelisted how do i instruct the mobile device to connect thru the PC if there is no provision to enter proxy settings, is there a separate guide for connecting to Fiddler if on EAP network? thanks!

You need to have access to the proxy settings of the mobile device - this is a mandatory requirement so that the Fiddler proxy could be set